Crystal Era

by Neogeo123
Crystal Era
Nation-based Medieval Fantasy Full RP | Perk Based
A full RP Medieval Fantasy game in the format of games like Shinobi. With familiar fantasy RPG mechanics as well as an immersive, and lore-deep world, you can join an environment where you can become part of a fantasy nation, and protect it, or pursue power and glory.

Neo[Neogeo123]:Project Head,Mapper,Lead Designer.

Micle[Cookiemon,SlimenGrime]:Lead Programmer, Conceptual Designer, Mapper, Iconer.

David[Garyoak69]:Mapper,Iconer,Programmer, Conceptual Designer.

Jamon: Coding Consultant

Sara: Coding Consultant

Aster: Coding Consultant

Special Thanks: Epratt,DuskMikiachi, Xavier Takiri, everyone who was here at the beginning, and everyone who supports us and has fun.
Hey just as a suggestion for the game, go ahead and get a shell since both the hosts so far are having a bit of trouble with keeping a server up and autosaving isn't in the game yet. It'd help tremendously with keeping the rp flowing