Digimon Battles

by Ner0000
Digimon Battles
Enter the Digital World!
Digimon Battles, currently in development

The Digimon are waiting for you!

Immerse yourself into an always expanding adventure, featuring some of your favorite Digimon!

Features in development :

-An immersive story build from the ground up.
-Lots of quests
-A hatching system
-Lots of different Digimon
-Maturity development (referred to as Digivolving)
-Gameplay similiar to Digimon Masters Online
-Fun events in which you can win prizes!
-Huge maps containing the Real World and the Digital World

This game is still in development and I'm doing my best to launch this game, eventually.


I'm still in need of a pixel artist and maybe a programmer to assist me, since I'm not that experienced yet.

Digimon Battles, currently in development!

Hi, do you want any help on the coding? I'm not very experienced but I manage. I don't want any type of rewards for helping , I only want a Digimon game to play...