by OneFishDown
Build your castle and destroy your opponent.
This game requires at least two people.

How to Play
The game begins, you have some time to build your castle. In this time you build walls and place cannons.

To build, select the piece you would like to build form the statpanel (select it by clicking on it) and then click on the game screen.

Then there is an attack round. To fire, click on the game screen. You do not control the power of your cannons, you just control the angle at which they shoot. They aim towards where you click on the screen. If one player's castle gets completely destroyed, they lose.

After an attack round comes a rebuilding round. You can now fix walls and add more walls and cannons.

The game continues to alternate between attacking and rebuilding rounds until someone loses.

Brick Wall - 10 points - Brick walls are your main castle-building material. They can take hits.

Scaffolding - 5 points - These are cheap wooden supports that shouldn't be used for denfense. They only take a hit or two to be destroyed.

Cannons - 20 points - The more the merrier =)