An RPG in a mecha world. Save the world... or control it!
To strange people who for some reason want to see everything I've ever made:

This is the game I made when I was teaching myself to code in DM. It's not perfect, but it's fun, and once you get over the not-so-user-friendly-noob-made-controls, there's quite the little adventure to be had in it. Also, I made the mob graphics myself. I know, they make my eyes bleed too.

Not too far into the future, the world has been dominated by the evil Catalyst Corp. The land crawls with AIs bent on total destruction or domination of the human race. Only a team of mech users with cutting-edge technology at their disposal, known as Powerbots, can save the world.

Most Recent Update:

Version 16
The older version of Powerbots, with 6 Powerbots (1 secret) and no pvp. This version is up for download!