Bleach Network Online

by ProjxtWar
Bleach Network Online
The back-up hub for the main
Player Rules:

1. Respect All Of the GMs And Their Authority.

2. Use Common Sense. It will Help in the Game.

3. Before asking a Question regarding to the game. Read The Info On This Page.

4. Do Not Attack/Kill Or use Beam Attacks In the training areas.

5. Do Not Constantly kill someone, I'm aware itís a PVP Game, But still its unfair to those who are trying to train.

6. Do Not Spawn Kill(Waiting For someone to log in then kill them).

7. Do not constantly remake your character, you are only aloud 3 per key, Repeated Offense Will result in IPBan.

8. Do Not avoid GM Punishment, Doing so will result in a Ban/IPBan.

9. Do Not Kill The NPCS.

10. Only English is permitted to be spoken in the Main Server, Other servers can have any language they want.

11. Do Not be asked to be edited or given items, GMs Or The Host Reserve the right to pwipe anyone they feel was edited.

12. Do Not Ask For GM Or Host Powers In The Server, Doing so will result in a 2 week suspension.

13. Do Not bother GMs, unless its nessecary.

14. Don't Multikey, Unless you can prove otherwise, your playing with a Friend/Sibling.

15. I don't care if you advertise other games, but only on a friendly note (Ask me first).

16. Do not use racial slurs, sexual profanity, or any other discrimination against players or staff, doing so will result in Perm Ban.

17. Don't Abuse Bugs, Report every Bug you encounter to a Admin Online.

18. All Players are expected to show respect to Staff,

19. All Players who encounter the Owners Of The Game, May Refer to them by their in - Game Names, Or Go By First Name Basis, The Owners Of The Games Names are Jiraiya Itachi - Mike And Projxt - Josh.

20. The Biggest and Most Important Rule, HAVE FUN.