Dragon Ball Crys Of The Lost Souls

by Qui-Gon-Jinneh
Dragon Ball Crys Of The Lost Souls
Brand New Game , The icons are Ripped, But Something original is being Aded Every Day! Gms wanted!
Brand New game , The Games Playable , And I Will Be Hosting Whenever I Can , And Whenever A Gm Is on. I Will be Interviewing For Gm Spots. Please Do Not Run In And Shout RIP! RIP!
WE Know This Game Has Ripped Things In it , But I Am Working On Creating Original Things Every Day.

Strai For Source
Qui For Coding
Joker for Some Gm Help , Thanks Dude!

*Added Majins
*Added New Hair
I Will be Adding bebis Soon

Host : [Open] (Gets Level 3 Gm)