The Legend Of Naruto: United Destinies

by Qui-Gon-Jinneh
My Naruto game, lots of Fun. All Kage And GM Spots Are Open, And People Who Rank Get GM, Star Village, And Two Custom Jutsu's. So Come On In And Secure Your Destiny...
I'm Just About TO Release Version 1.0. I need a dedicated 24/7 Host,[ Or Close Enough ]. You Will Be Given Owner Verbs. I Also Need some GM's,
Please Go To The Forum And Apply There, Thanks.
Version 1.5 Coming soon.

Player Rules

1. Be polite and respect the GMís in the game, even if you donít like them.
2. No attacking/killing people in Academyís/Chuunin~Jounin Area.
3. Donít activate/use a damaging jutsu in Academyís/Chuunin~Jounin Test Room.
4. No Spam killing (continuously using the Attack Macro to kill several people to get kills).
5. No Spawn killing (standing in front of one of the Academyís and killing there continuously).
6. Feel free to test jutsus on NPCís but do not kill them.
7. While speaking on OOC, please only talk English on it (You may use any other language in Say/VillageSay).
8. Do not ask for Edits/Changes/Ranks, we wonít edit anyone (Look in the Ranks guide to see how you get a Higher Rank).
9. Absolutely no asking for GM/Host in the game (Please post your application on the forum)!
10. Multi-Keying is ABSOLUTELY Prohibited (Both get booted/banned).
11. Donít AFK Macro/EZ Train (Youíll be wiped if caught)
12. No using NARUTO universum-based nicknames. This means you can't name yourself Uzumaki Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha, Hatake Kakashi etc. You can only use the last name with variations (i.e. John Uchiha), but you're not allowed to have first OR last character name!Trying to rearranging the letter order, making purposal typos and other attepmts of avoiding the rule will result in a short Ban.
13. Donít use l33t or ciphers in your name, youíll get a warning and a dialog forcing renaming yourself.
14. Donít spam/advertise any BYOND game in our game, youíll get IP Banned.
15. If encountering any unusual situations, a GM is permitted to use his verbs to fix the situation.
16. Donít use MA Related things, such as Pornography, Harassments etc.
17. Do not discriminate each other, youíll get banned if you continue it.
18. Do not argue about stupid and/or useless things, such as: ďYou suckĒ and ďI hate youĒ and so on.
19. Donít bug abuse, tell a GM but donít go abuse it, youíll get Player Wiped if you do so.
20. Donít insult other Players and GMís.
21. Please follow any additional rules set up by GMís, if not you might get penalized hard.
22. Do not ask constantly for Chuunin/Tokubetsu Jounin Examinations.
23. No asking for the answers for any of the exams questions! You'll be warned first and penalized harder if you ask again.


GM Rules

1. Donít abuse your powers as a GM, theyíll be removed if you do so, asking them back might deny your access from the game.
2. Donít give out custom Icons to anyone, you may test Ďcustomí icons but do not show/tell youíre testing Icons.
3. Do not use your GM verbs to threaten the people of the game by killing you, this includes no useless GM killing, teleporting/summoning and using Attack or your jutsus to kill them.
4. Do not help your Ďbuddiesí by giving them free player/GM/rank items and do not teleport/summon them to places such as Akatsuki base, Sound Org base, Seven Swordsmen base and Kage rooms exclusively for Kages.
5. Donít ignore someone, even if they are asking something stupid or need help.
6. Answer the questions regarding the game, even the most basic/dumb ones.
7. Help any player if he/she has problems or is bugged.
8. Be polite and patient toward the other players. You can ignore this rule is the players are not polite toward you.
9. If being insulted, first try to explain your actions before penalizing/silencing the insulter.
10. Donít edit anyone if you got the Edit verb, since only owner can give it through a password, this rule isnít considered as a real one.
11. Youíre not allowed to give out items to anyone, first ask one of the Owners.
12. Especially, do not abuse the Announce option. Only use that option if itís urgent or an emergency or to ask for Chuunin/Tokubetsu Jounin Examís.
13. Only Summon/Rename/GM Kill if he/she agrees with that.
14. Donít summon any player that is tree climbing, please ask them first.
15. Once online, don't use the aFK option unless it's really needed. You can't just log-in and remain AFK for a long time if there's no other GM to take care of the game! *(Hosts can ignore this rule)*


Kage rules
1. You can only have a maximum of 3 Sannins per Village.
2. You can only have a maximum of 6 ANBUs per Village.
3. Sound Org and Akatsuki Leaders cannot make Sannins or ANBUs, but they can appoint a Co-Leader if needed (theyíll have to ask a GM to make Co-Leader).
4. Every villager that meets all the requirements for ANBU/Sannin ranks should be appointed upon their requests. This can be ignored once there are no free spots open (see rules 1 & 2).
5. Accept the challenges for your Kage spot requested by your villagers. You can decline if you see that the requestor is too weak or doesn't meet the requirements, but you must state it clearly. If you avoid too many challenge requests - your Kageship will be taken.
6. You're permitted to take up to 2 spot challenges per day (each one from different player). Once you win both times, you don't need to respond to any other challenges until next day.
7. Once you're a Kage, try to get online as much as possible (especially if your Village has many villagers!). If the villagers complain too much about you being offline - new Kage will be chosen, and your Kageship will be taken once you're back.
8. Only use the Village Boot verb if a villager keeps violating the Player rules or kills the other villagers (this applies also ANBU/Sannin/Kage of the village). You can also use it if a villager asks you to, but you must consult it with a GM first.
9. Don't abuse the Village Warn verb to annoy the other villagers. If it keeps repeating, you might lose your Kageship.
10. Donít abuse your teleport option to your villagers, if a GM sees you abusing it, your Kageship will be taken.


NOTE: You being Kage/Org Leader need to be online as much as possible or we select a new one.
Hokage-sama: Not One Yet

Kazekage-sama:Not one yet

Raikage-sama:Not one yet

Tsuchikage-sama:Not one yet

Mizukage-sama:Not one yet

Amekage-sama:Not one yet

Otokage-sama:Not one yet

Kusakage-sama:Not one yet

Yukikage-sama:Not one yet

Takikage-sama:Not one yet

Hoshikage-sama:Not one yet

Sound Organization Leader:Not one yet

Akatsuki Leader:Qui-Gon-Jinneh


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Tcoo [ Thanks for pointing me in the right direction]




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I am Also Looking for Coders, And iconers. Please contact me in-game. Thanks. [Qui-Gon-Jinneh]


I could host around 24/7 if u want me too.