Naruto The New Generation

by RNK Productions
Naruto The New Generation
Welcome to NTNG this is a new pure roleplaying naruto game, We advise you play this if you like to Verb RP, Recently new so just begining to get players and spots still open.

1.No Noobs please, only play if you are a good roleplayer

2.All normal roleplay rules apply like any other rp game you must have roleplay name and stay in character and so on

3.No going around killing people with no excuse and no talking shit to anyone and yer thats it come on in and play already!


Coming Soon!

-More jutsus

-New map and icons

-More clothing

-Possibly demons

-more summonings







Organization Gengetsu!



-Member 1-

-Member 2-

-Member 3-

-Member 4-

-Member 5-

-Member 6-

-Member 7-

-Member 8-