by Riva
Postponed until further notice... Stay Tuned!
The game's name is Wanderer, at least for now. In the game you play as a man (or women, in future versions) wandering an ancient Chinese landscape with a twist, for some reason a rift in the fabric of time has given you passage to a post apocalyptic land overrun by crime and wasteland gangs. Using old world martial arts abilities you train and develop, you enter a futuristic crime land, filled with thievery, firearms and overall corruption. Combine your martial arts abilities with your new found knowledge of guns and crime to climb to the top of an organized crime syndicate, or live in old world polishing your art form to battle the demons of the land and compete in tournaments.

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Picture 1: Two fighters about to square off
Picture 2: A fighter showing off his incredible speed
Picture 3: A fighter doing a flying kick
Picture 4: A player shooting a shotgun
Picture 5: A player using an automatic rifle
Picture 6: A demo of the meditation training system

What Im looking for is a full time pixel artist. So far I've been coding and doing all the turfs/icons by myself and it is getting to be too much to handle. I have had some help with a few icon states but I need someone to work full time. I can't pay any type of money. The only compensation will be a feeling of accomplishment and my personal gratitude to you, and possibly a few in game perks. Contact me via MSN ([email protected]) or simply join the forum and post if you are interested.