Star Knights

by Roara
A fun little game, set in space. Alpha right now, so don't expect much.
Far into the future, when many planets in the galaxy have been colonized, a war began.

It wasn't like most wars, this war was special, and small, but very important.
The two sides in the war were the Space Marines, and the Space Knights.

The Space Marines were founded on earth, several decades ago, to protect the galaxy, and earth. However, lately, they've been getting rather corrupt.

The Space Knights are a huge group of space fighters, whom specialize in certain skills, and abilities. They are ruled by a monarchy, and the reason they hate the Space Marines is currently unknown to all, even all but the highest ranked Space Knights!

Now that that's out of my system, this game's alpha, so don't expect much!
Soon it'll be as big as MLAAS, and other huge team versus team RPGs!
Until then, it's not much.
I hope you like it! :)