Color Matrix

by Rotem12
Color matrix helper datum
I made this to help me merge certain effects with client.color

I added in helpful functions that might benefit you especially if you haven't ever used color matrix and don't know where to begin.

ColorMatrix GitHub
Damn dude you got a great understanding of how colors work.
I don't know where you guys get all this knowledge and application from, doesn't seem like its from byond. I'm just trying to figure out how to make an object white/bright without manipulating the icon. color=white will have it its normal color.
Since I made this library, I haven't actually used it I don't really see much use for it sadly but that might be personal.

Whenever I stumble upon something new I want to know, like color matrix, I google it.

The above link might help you. You can also study the effects of setting higher contrast, saturation or brightness via the demo verb in this library.

Perhaps even copy over the icon you want to change, use the test verbs to come up with the effect you want and use that color matrix.
Thanks, great resource. Ironically I was going to suggest a more intricate demo to display the full potential of your library. Its a really good library, extremely flexible. When I get time I will mess around with it. If I comeup with some good uses for it, I will implement it into my game. And perhaps share my developments.
I'm going to using the demo to produce an underwater level. :D
I'm going to be using the library to produce an underwater level.
Came out pretty nice. :D
What was added to the update?
I would like to make a suggestion for your demo. I was testing it again a few days ago, and I found it hard to really tell what each color theme was doing. If you could add a more detailed map or character models I think it would greatly improve the demo.