by Runney001
A world that evolves as you do. Where you have the power to shape the world. Creation and destruction are in your hands.


*Evolution is a sandbox meaning your actions directly impact the game at all times. Evolution mixes RP elements with PVP to form its own unique genre of RPVP.

*Build: Building is a main component to Evolution. You can build Environmental structures like walls and houses or
Whatever you choose to specialise as, your skills will be rewarded as you progress through the game.

Like most PVP games you will be giving the opportunity to train yourself in various styles. Whether you choose to specialise in
Martial Arts
or Alchemy is completely up to you. Training is dynamic and the Passives system of training rather than a level system means that the oldest player will not necessarily be the victor.

Everything in the game's universe is dynamic. Creatures and Animals in the Eco System are able to breed as to pass on their genes to the next generation.

Survival of the fittest plays a role in the dynamic world of Evolution. Can you survive?

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