BLEACH: Shinigami Legend

by SSJ4_Majin_Mist
BLEACH: Shinigami Legend
**Project Discontinued** Be born into the world of Bleach, Where Death Gods and hollow await... Do you have what it takes to become a Shinigami or will your will bend and become a Hollow?....
Bleach: Shinigami Legend

If you watched Bleach before, then you should know what your in for. BLEACH: S. L. Is to be a detailed RPG Bleach game, where you can choose your path on becoming a Hollow, a Shinigami, rouge Shinigami, quincy, and more.
This game is being made by me only, so please give me some time and things will get done. I'm working till 4 in the morning most of the time on the game, so don't fret because I am working hard..
( if you have any idea's post in the BLEACH: S.L. forums ).

Owner: SSJ4_Majin_Mist
Skills: Coding*, GFX Design****, and Icon making****...{ *=quality, * being the lowest and **** being the highest }

-==/Game Progress and Updates\==-

Game Completion Percentage:[ииииииииии]- 5.5% Completed. **Project Discontinued** I will be giving my art work, and coding to someone else... When they decide to go public with it that's when you'll know who it is... Well sorry for the lack of updates and what not, but life is life... But I'm not finished with byond by a long shot, remember that.. ;-)