LegacyOf Heros

by SSJ4_Majin_Mist
LegacyOf Heros
**Temp.Halt** Before the legend, there is always a name...In Dragon Warrior: Legacy Of Hero's you get a chance to push your skills as a Hero to the limit, weither you be a lone-wolf or a musketeer, a great legacy is waiting to be born. Are you ready?.....
Dragon Warrior : Legacy Of Hero's Plot

You wake up in your house and go out side to find out that the next town was attacked, the king summons you and as his strongest warrior, asks you to find out what happened and to check out the town for any survivers....You go to the town and when you return you find that thesome of the towns poeple have been killed, you go to your house, and find your father surverly wounded. There he tells you that your a hero born from a long list of hero's blood and it is your destiney to save your mother and restore the world.So, you set off on a journey for revenge and restore peace back to the world...