Dragon Ball Z PREVIEW (Version 0.6)

by SSJinfinite
Dragon Ball Z PREVIEW (Version 0.6)
Keep in mind that this is just a PREVIEW, not the whole game!
I am still working on the following:

The Map(s)

More Characters and Enemies

Super Saiyans 2, 3, and possibly 4, depending on how this all goes


Capsule Shop

...and Techniques

But I am done with a lot of them, already.

I am just uploading this to ask you all what you'd like to be added, because I can not think of what else to put on, other than the transformations and characters.

Here are some examples of what can be added within the next few days or next week or two:

Characters, Locations, and Techniques.

But feel free to share ANY thoughts, so long as they're not mean or criticizing! =D

You need 15000 Ki to go into Super Saiyan, but I will change this into more realistic terms in the actual game.
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