Mountain Climber

by SadoSoldier
Mountain Climber
Race to the top of the of the mountain; while it's being built! Yes, thats right. in this game boulders are falling from the sky creating a mountain that you have to get to the top of -- or be crushed!
This game is the creation and property of the owner: SadoSoldier; UUProductions, and the people given credit upon login.

A long time ago, 10 minutes to be precise, something horrible happened in my imagination; An imaginary mountain blew up and now you have to try to climb up the falling rocks to achieve your destiny -- hopefully your destiny doesn't involve getting crushed!

Version 1:
Initial release, features:
4 Game rooms
Icons and base code created
Game functional

Version 2:
Fixed alot of the bugs
Added pre-set difficulty modes
Added colored block mode
Added sounds
Added medals (Changed Hub so Medals are gone for now)
Added everything else >.>
Game -should- be nearly finished.