One-Piece: The New World

by Scatterneo
Based on the popular japanese anime and manga "One-Piece" by Eiichiro Oda
Step into the world during the "Great Age of Pirates" and choose who you want to be. Side with the Marines and climb the ranks as you gain power -- or become a Pirate and make a name for yourself as you make your way to the New World with your crew.




NOTE: This game is still in production with VERY limited Staff -- visit the forum to help with it's arrival!!

I Do Not Own "One-Piece."
Any characters, names, images, or other media expressed in this game related to the series are owned by Eiichiro Oda (and Funimation..?).
Please support the official release of the One-Piece animation and manga.
I added a Comment and I feel special. =D
can u give me the host? i want to try the game :P
when go the game on
2 weeks-no updates:( btw a picture can we see?
hahahah man whan the you up the game?
Pierocks4ev wrote:
I added a Comment and I feel special. =D

Still being worked on?
can i help with the game