Shinobi of Myth

by ScrewyParasite
Shinobi of Myth(SoM) is a Ninja MMORPG. Set on an expansive map, players can train their characters to match their own unique playing style. Lovingly inspired by Naruto

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Shinobi of Myth

Seeing as the first game has clearly died, i will be continuing in its vein. As a heads up to anyone who hasn't been in, I gave the current owner a clear chance to request for me to shutdown which he openly rejected and actively worked to release my work to others instead. I will now continue to host and update this game until I am unfit and/or unwilling to do so as i see his rejection as an approval to continue.

I have attempted to reach out to SaucePanMan, but have not gotten any responses back, in hopes of having the messages removed from the page.

I'm sorry this person has treated you this way and used you as collateral for his own problems

As a sign of respect for the community and the person who truly deserves it. I have left SPMs final message to the community in the description. Wherever you are, I hope you are Happy and living it how you wanted to.


Important 2-part Announcement (5/SEPT/2016) - The Future of SoM and Free Source Code!

Part 1
It's extremely overdue, but I've finally conceded that I (Saucepan Man) don't have time for this project any more :( Nor will I in the future.

It is with a measure of regret, as well as relief that I'm passing this on to long-time host/custodian of SoM - "Mystery".

He currently possesses the source files for SoM, and has access to and control of this hub. There is nothing you as players need to do differently. The significance of this announcement is that hopefully the game will see some updates an progress.

My apologies to any previous/current staff member with whom I didn't discuss this move with. You guys have made SoM an amazing community and have driven the game's progress more than you probably realise. Everyone that appreciates this game owes you all a lot.
In recognition of this, you will retain your staff access/special privileges (subject to the 'direction' of the project. e.g. less reliance on a GM presence).

Part 2
I had tried to make a new project, to be a successor to SoM. But for the same reasons, this new project is being discontinued. The ambition was for it to be a more polished and easier-to-play game. Ideally compatible with a gamepad, without losing the complexity of all the spells, abilities, classes, and character paths.

Instead of letting it go to waste, I've posted it online for all to use, for free. I'm not a coding wizard, so apologies if there are dumb mistakes in it. That being said, it runs well and has a much prettier creation/login screen than SoM ever did (I did spend over 2 weeks on it alone). The controls are simpler, and the spells code is modular - in the sense that you only need to add 'variables' to create a new spell - which makes updating and adding spells super easy compared to other methods. Overall, it would have been a great game, if I had a hyperbolic time chamber to code it in.

Please be aware that, while I'm not a particularly great coder, the code involved is fairly tricky, so I wouldn't recommend it for new coders. Also, I won't be providing a guide on it etc. - You're on your own, sorry!

Here is the link (!g4Y31YJL!ki_LazPbSX71x1RFZYaFhlaYJOAhn0-n0 DCf1NU4q-g)

Download contains any and all assets for it - I'm holding nothing back from you guys. I relinquish all claim to intellectual property to the extent that it exists. Obviously any I.P. claim by FUNimation etc could be a thing. Removing Naruto images and renaming things will more or less free you up to create a for-profit game.

Thanks for everything guys, it was a blast!
An old game finally in the right hands, if you're a former Shinobi of Legend player, then this is the place to be!