by Shadowdarke
A powerful and flexible alternative to the built in alert() proc.
Tired of ugly grey alert boxes that are limited to three buttons and interrupt your movement or what you were typing? I sure was!

Enter sd_Alert. Fully customizable appearance, limitless buttons, optionally timed, alert boxes that only take keyboard focus if you want them to.

Version 2 changes: 09-06-06
  • sd_Alert now validates responses. If the responses are not a valid choice from the button list you provided, sd_Alert ignores it. (Yota)
  • Added a new SD_ALERT_NOVALIDATE flag, in case developers want to bypass automatic validation.
  • Moved the automatic deletion of the sd_alert handler out of Topic() and into Response(). (Yota)

Version 1 changes (from version 0): 05-27-06
  • sd_Alert now has optional display styles to use selection boxes or html links instead of buttons. (Foomer)
  • sd_Alerts may be tagged so that other procs can manipulate or close them. (Foomer)

I don't understand how to use them afterwards.

Such as the if("Jack And Jill Went Up A Hill")

So yea... it's neat and all, but currently useless.