by Silk Games
A unique MORPG inspired by the gameplay of classic console RPGs

NEStalgia is an original MORPG inspired by the glory days of traditional console RPGs. Essentially "Dragon Warrior 3 meets World of Warcraft", NEStalgia is an amalgam of the best generations of RPG gaming.

The latest NEStalgia development news and previews can be found on the Silk Games blog.

See the Version Notes wiki page for documentation of the latest NEStalgia update changes.

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NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOO! I saw this game online via pager. I tried to join, and access was denied... Tonight I cry
My bad I forgot to switch to private on Dream Daemon.
hahahaha got half way in, game downloaded, interface loaded, connection has failed, logged me out. I forget The Game has a coded tester list. oh well
Game looks promising.
Lovin' it, ba da ba ba baaaaaa
Really impressive! I hope people appreciate how much work this undoubtedly took. I hope you continue to expand it (although who am I, a mere level 1 wizard, to ask for more content at this point?). I look forward to playing it when I have more time.
I must say... it is very.. interesting. It is original, and fun. I look forward to my future on this game.
Really fun.
This game is a lot like dragon warrior but it is really fun, i love it , and i hope you will continue to add more features!
Thank you for all of the kind comments everyone! We worked hard to make this, and we're really happy to see our efforts pay off.
Arctic North in yet...?
A--MAZING game!!
Ganing wrote:
How many medals require a subscription?

Only those pertaining to the mastery of subscription classes. So 4 out of 26 total.
As popular as classic RPGs are, I never really got into them. However, Nestalgia is really well done, and gives that "classic" feel. If I ever were to give RPGs a chance, it would start here.
NEStalgia doesn't stray far from the typical RPG formula but it provides a solid example of what a good RPG should be.
I cant seem to log into a game. Any advice? Trying to play NEStalgia
The servers may be at capacity. We're in the process of bringing additional servers online - should only be an hour or two. Sorry for the delay!
No problem Silk, i have faith in your abilities.

Try deleting your BYOND cache.

File > prefrences > games > delete cache

If that fails, try reinstalling byond? Corrupt file maybe. Good luck :)
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