Naruto: Six Paths of Pain

by Silvercookie
Naruto: Six Paths of Pain
A New Naruto Adventure Made Specifically For The Players.(under old management - the cat is back, the mice go back to work)
7 SM
Main Owner:Silvercookie
Second Owner:
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Fourth Owner:

Naruto gif Pictures, Images and Photos
Head Admin's:

Master Admin's:


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Trial Enforcer's:

This is the Main Owner email if you need us [email protected]
Player Rules:

1. No complaining about lag or anything in game.
2. Do Not Spam.
3. No advertiseing any other games.
4. No Bug Abuse.
5. No links, which means no porn links, BYOND game links, an so forth.
6. Be mature and respectful of everyone playing the game.
7. Don't beg for Chuunin exam.
8:Do not use tele jutsu(Kakshi an Shikamaru)to GM room.
9.Don't agrue with GMs. If you have a problem wait for Owner to get online.
10.AFK Training is allowed.^^

GM Rules:

1. No summoning NPCs.
2. No forcing any rules on players.
3. No using GM teleport or summon to PK.
4. No banning or jailing just because someone PKed you.
5. No jailing because you feel it's gonna resolve something.
6. No summon or tele killing because someone pisses you off.
7. Do your job as GM. Help other players, etc. Failure to act can and will cost you your position.

--NSR Designers--

Main Owner: Silvercookie

Coder: Silvercookie



HUB Editior: Silvercookie



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ANBU Member:

Akatsuki Leader Pein:
Akatsuki Zetsu:
Akatsuki Itachi:
Akatsuki Sasori:
Akatsuki Konan:
Akatsuki Kakuzu:
Akatsuki Hidan:
Akatsuki Kisame:
Akatsuki Tobi:

Hebi Leader:
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Sound 5 Reborn
Sound Orginazation Leader:
Sound Orginazation Member:

7 Swordsmen Leader:
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Uchiha Police Force Leader:
Uchiha Police Force Member:

Orginazation 13 Leader:
Orgianzation 13 Member:
I try to keep this a fun and interesting, along with respectful, game, if anyone has any issues feel free to contact me through byond *i always check for "watchers" people that have added me to their friends,every 2 hours* or contact me through my email: [email protected]