Naruto Rising Tide

by Soccerdog
Naruto Rising Tide
New Game. Totally fun, unlike any game you've played before. Nice icons, Great map, Original Storyline. Half RP, Half PVP. Please Rank.

Welcome To Naruto Rising Tide.

This Game is Currently in the Works, so it will be Updated Alot, and if Big Updates are made, Pwipes may be necessary. Currently In Alpha Mode, so don't Get too Comfortable With your Characters Considering.. it may be Pwiped.

The way it works: Alright so, you know on most Naruto games you choose your clan at the beginning and are doomed to those and only those jutsus for the rest of eternity? Well it doesn't work like that here, on Naruto Rising Tide you are born to a random Clan and train with that clan for the start of your journey. After you become a Genin you get to choose to learn under the wing of a sensei. Eventually, if you want, you get to learn the skills of another clan. Therefore, no one will be exactly the same

There are only 3 rules in this Game so please follow them.
1) Please Treat Everyone with Respect, if Someone is mean with you, Consult a GM, we will take Action right away.
2) When Someone says stop, Stop.
3) Don't Ask GM's To Edit You. We won't.

Tournament Rules
1) Don't Kill Before You Are Told To Fight
2) Don't Tell Us That They Killed You Unfairly, We Don't Care, You Lost, It's Final
3) If You Are Rude After Winning, The Second Place Will Retreive Your Prize.

Clan Leaders
These are the people that will teach you your clan skills.
Hyuuga - Neji
Nara - Shikamaru
Haku - Haku o.o
Uchiha - Sasuke
Inuzuka - Kiba
Akimichi - Choji
Kaguya - Kimimaro
Aburame - Shino
*Note": If you are a part of the clan, you will not need to talk to an NPC for your Jutsus.
These are the characters that will teach you Jutsus other than Clan Leaders
It's up to you to find the one you want and to figure out what they'll teach you.

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