Dragonball Adventure II

by Son Danny
Dragonball Adventure II
The official continuation of Dragonball Adventure.

Dragonball Adventure II
WonderWeiss - Owner/Graphic Artist/Pixel Artist
Massive - Programmer/World Designer

Game Information
DBA II(Dragonball Adventure II), Is a game that offers players a different style of gameplay this is not a Click & Wait game this game involves the player into their own personal quest for the dragonballs. From Combat to building up your wealth choosing the path of peace or destruction using macros to engage in combat,all systems in game are user friendly and are fully designed by us.

(We do not claim ANY owner ship of the Anime series Dragonball nor do we claim ownership over the ideas from the anime that were implanted in the game)

Version 1.0
- Revamped Programming
- Revamped In-Game Art
- Revamped Interface
- Advanced A.I
- Advanced Combat Engagement

Overall progression 15%

It is our desire to add everything up untill Dragonball GT for the first release, after this updates regarding Dragonball Super content will be added frequently.

Applications for staff positions contact Son Danny via BYOND Pager!