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Remember like half a year ago when it was said there will be an update on the weekend? I do.
I have a life. Sorry if my work and college schedule is an inconvenience for you.
In response to SinfulPhoenix
Sheesh, why so serious?

Glad to know you're alive and still go on BYOND.
I still work on the game when I have the time to do so.

Unfortunately, after 12 hours a day from work and college, not including homework, programming is the last thing on my mind. I do have a break coming up though, so hopefully I'll be able to get a lot done.
Well then, good luck with those things.
Ohadx, no worries. Im certain Berlin is gonna appear in a few years with NNG 3.0 .
Let's hope so punk, let's hope...
Lmao, you guys crack me up
Wouldn't count on that :P Hello Musab
Hi Dante
About that update asking for a pixel artist, you should probably bring the game back for a bit (as is) and let it go for a while until you get the attention and then ask for help.

For example - I am interested in possibly making clothes but I'm not going to do it when the game isn't even online.
The game is in mid-update. In other words, not really playable
In response to SinfulPhoenix
Ah, I see.

Now don't expect anything but what kind of clothes were you thinking of?
We're doing a slot inventory system. There's like 10 slots or somethin, we need feet, legs, body, arms, hands, ect. But I think I'm gonna have to pay someone to do it, can't find anyone wanting to do it for free
In response to SinfulPhoenix
Doesn't that kinda go against what we already have?

Like the stealth suit and such...?
any new updates?
Of course, we're working hard on the game. Don't worry, it'll be worth the wait.
When is the game going to be back up?
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