by Stevenw9
Use a single, small proc to get timestamps for your project.
Quickly grab customized timestamp outputs which allows you to use common symbols such as : between hours and minutes, so that you can use the proc less often.

(10/5/11) - Library Intentions and Ideas
Okay, so the intent of this project is to make timestamps near effortless for all those chatting programs that are up and coming, or other programs that just want timestamps for whatever reason. Check below for my to-do list.

To-Do List
- timestamp(); Find a way to make it less messy
- timestamp(); Server + Client timestamp returns
- timestamp(); Year, Month and Day support
- text2stamp(); proc for handling pre-generated date(s) and time(s)

Patch Notes

Version 2 (10/5/11)
- Completely reworked the timestamp system
- Added a replacetext proc
- All numbers can be displayed as 1, 2, ... or 01, 02, ...
- Tag (AM or PM) can be added optionally
- Support for Standard and Military time

Version 1 (9/20/11)
- Initial release