Naruto Reincarnation 3

by SumeAkatsukiLeader
Naruto Reincarnation 3
Welcome to Naruto Reincarnation 3.

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Prefer the original!;D Play NR!

Here we don't make everyone GM so they can keep playing, we don't boost someone so he doesnt leaves, we don't rip games, we dont't steal other games' players, and we aren't abusive!^^

Announcement! I'm not goin to put the updates in the hub because some games have already stolen some of my ideas,and I don't want that to happen again =p but I've made the game COMPLETELY fair now =] it's really different from old NR! Come and see!^^.).

Akatsuki Website:
Naruto Remembrance

This game is a Shippuuden based game!


†Uchiha Skyler-san†






†Uchiha Sky-san!!=D†


†Skyler .†


†Sky ^^.†




†Luan(Head GMs)†



†Stiiil openn!†

†That's all I think!†


[1]Respect all GM and their decisions
[2] Cursing is allowed to a minimum and should not be directed to anyone.Mute.
[3]Please do not prejudice or have any racial or religious slurs..
[4] No talking in all CAPS.Mute
[5] If you find a bug, report it, don't exploit it report it by going to commands then click report bugs.
[6] Don't pest the Moderators for skills or other attributes.
[7] Please don't ask for GM.
[8] No AFK training.. if you do your character will get deleted!
[9] Advetisments of games is prohibited and can lead to possible perm ban.
[10] No killing Npcs, will result in Boot
[11] No Academy Killing!(it's ok if 1 or 2 times, but don't let me catch you doing it too much).
[12] Multi-clanning is prohibited and can lead to possible perm ban.
[14] Do not bug abuse, you will get jailed.
First offence: Warning
Second Offence: Boot
Third offence: Temp Ban
Fourth Offence: Perm Ban

(Some offences may lead to a Ban without warning )

GM Rules
[1] Dont Edit other Players
[2] --GMS cant be Kage or fight if they edit themselves--
[3] Dont summon people without asking them unless they ask you.
[4] -->Dont abuse your powers its logged for Admins to see!You will be banned for this!
[5] Dont Disrespect fellow clients/players on the game<--
[6] ~~Don't edit yourself if you're going to fight, you can lose your GM powers.~~

WAR Rules
[0]There are 2 kinds of war:
-The war for taking kagespot.
In this kind of war you wont get boosts.
-The war for just getting boosts.
In this kind of war the loser village doesnt loses its kage.
[1]You can only declare war if the kage/leader is online.
[2]The loser village loses its kage and the person can't be a kage or org. leader for 1 day OR the people who were fighting in the winner village gets boosts.
[3]The "declare all village war" verb is only for fun xD.
[4]If you're going to fight an organization, make sure to know the physical entrance to it.
[5]There are 5 minutes until someone from the challenged village go and defend it, if past 5 minutes there's noone there, the challenged village loses.
[6]After the war begins(that means, if someone from the challenged village appears in less than 5 minutes), the last standing person on the kage throne(in case of invading organizations, u have to stand in the leader throne) of the challenged village after 15 minutes makes his/her village win.

GM actions are logged dont abuse or perform actions negative towards the game




†Missing Org†

†Hunter Org†

†Sound Organization†

†Organization XIII†(FULLY DONE)

†Seven Swordmen of the Mist†



To check most updates, check the forum!

Now you must kill rogue ninjas/demons to get skill points and trade them for your jutsus of your elements in each element teacher!




Flash Step and Eremite Speed added!(thats kinda old, but... xD)(PS>flash step is like shunpo in bleach games.)


Now to get eremite speed you need 10.000 flash step uses, and it will say to the world when you get it ^^\/.

Tajuu Kage Bunshin added!

Akatsuki gets exploding bunshin!
Akatsuki gets demon drain!

New hair styles!

New kage verbs!;)

Lots of new swords and itens!

You can't escape from jail anymore >D.

You can see when you use kawarimi.

New demons added!^^

Elemental CS added!^^

Now your demon/cs can save you from death!>D

Now you can't rest and escape from freezings*evil laugh*.


Sharingan Freeze From Distance(but the target must be looking to you).
Mangekyou Gives 5x nin/gen boost.
Sharingan Counter Added.
Amaterasu follows and does alot more damage.
Sharingan Unfreeze verb(100% done)


Tsuuga does more damage(yay xD).
This clan sucks, dont pick it ^^'.


Now you can do genuriki imediately after the target dies(before u got frozen).
Konoha Genuriki Senpuu fixed(it was bugged).
Now Lees gets kage konoha buyou(only them)
Name changed to Taijutsu Specialists.
Lees automatically gets Eremite Speed at jounin rank!
Stun punch added!


Tessenka fixed.
Dances does a little more damage.
Karamatsu now have a cool icon!(wow)
Karamatsu repels attacks!


Jourou Senbon Jutsu added!(tai based damage and adds abnormal status when hits)
Freezing Chakra Knives Added ^^\/!!
Jourou Senbon are now throwable, not homing!
Alot of new medical jutsus.


Shadow Sewing added(low damage homing, just to freeze)
Freezing Chakra Knives added^^!!!
Kage blinding taken out
Shadow Armor added(makes you invisible and increases your genjutsu by 5x).
Kage Teleport added.
Your shadow is controlled by clicking, now, and also it takes down from the air, and if some1 goes over it, the person gets trapped as well!


Hakke Kuusho isnt homing anymore ^^.
Byakugan gives 2x tai boost
Hakke Hyaku Nijuha Sho now freezes when you hit someone, and it keeps the person frozen until you finish, and now it hits chakra(alot).


Needles does more damage
Ice mirrors now only ends when you want to!>D(mwahahahahaha).
Hakus gets all the water jutsus.
Needles causes bad status!
Ice Make Cannon and Ice Make Geiser added!
Demon Mirror teleport added!


Butterfly mode!
Doton Doryuuheki level 2 added for akimichis from.
Akimichi jutsus damage increased.
Stun punch!;)
Meat tank makes you invulnerable to most attacks and deletes most of ground obstacles!


Bug Control added!(yes, now you let your bugs out and you can control them =D)
Konchuu explosion damage increased!
Now your bugs will make the enemy's chakra to 0 in 15 seconds, no matter how big it is.
Max Konchuu Capacity icnreased(depends on your rank)


Sand Wave added!(no damage, but covers who it hits with sand)
Sand Control!(same as aburame, but your sand is indestructible, can defend any throwable kind of jutsu, and if its over some1, u can use sabaku kyuu)
Free Shukaku(talk to Gaara NPC in Sand).
Sabaku Kyuu and Sousou expends alot more of chakra(50.000).
At level 4000 you can become from Iron Sand clan!


Sage Mode added for Uzumakis(increases HP alot, taijutsu ALOT and chakra ALOT)
Rasengan and Oodama Rasengan only for Uzumakis.
Uzumaki clan added with many jutsus that only they get.
They get free frog summoning scroll.
They get exploding bunshin(nisen rendan).
Uzumakis learn jutsus with only half of the reqs!
Rasengan hits flying and deletes most ground obstacles!


Temari clan added!
They can freeze from distance, but the freeze depends on your ninjutsu and on the enemy's too.
Your fan doubles your ninjutsu!


Tentens are the only who can put 15 exploding tags at the same time.
Now Tenten's weapon attack will grow up REALLY FAST!!!
Now Tentens can summon all kind of weapons (including exploding tags.)


You'll only get most of your jutsus and sharingan and mangekyou sharingan at jounin rank.
Kamui(dimensional wrap) added and fully done!.

-Grass village:

Katon Heki added
Fire Armor Added

-Earth Village:

Doryuuheki now walks and does damage
Earth Barrier


Water prison taken out and now you'll get kirigakure no jutsu.

-Snow, Waterfall and Rain:

Water prison jutsu added.
But you won't get kirigakure


Gennin: Take the exam(10 bunshin uses, level 700, 20 D rank missions, and depending on your village, 1 kill is required as well).

Chuunin: Pass the exam(must have at least level 2000, 20 D rank missions and 10 C rank missions).

Jounnin: At least level 4000, 30 D rank missions, 20 C rank missions, 10 B rank missions.

ANBU: At least level 6000, 30 D rank missions, 30 C rank missions, 20 B rank missions, 20 A rank missions.

Sannin: Depends on your kage's req(only 3 for each vill).

Kage: Be ANBU or Sannin and win a torney or a kage challenge.

Org. Leader: Win the tourney.

Org. Member: Ask the leader.

Please Read The Rules


sexy game
This game is cool...
but its GM is suck...
Sweet game but GMs abuse power a little too much
Game is awesome but it goes down 2 much
Amazing game
bt why is it down?
nice game but its down to much
nice game but its down to much
nice game but its down to much
nice game (i like bacon)
better host?
i agree with the person below me
omg, day 2 of incredibly long downtime (thanks host >.> <.<)
Its not zenos fault the server is down he is haveing computers problems
why did i got bann from naruto recarnation my names narutoth
cool image and song
and also great update 10/5 thats my rate
Racko add more jutsu 4 gaara clan like giant sand burial as a jutsu
How long is it gunna be down for updates
i got membership ^_^ btw this is yoh if u forgot my byond id
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