by The ComEdiAn
A rpg game loosely base on bleach still in development..
hmm the game is up but no one can join
in cant join to game
xD it is nice to see new games. :3 i hope to see this game in a role xD people may love this game.

good luck in makeing the game.

from Jackieman
man put the game back on its awsome
Great game, just needs the host files to be downloadable so its up 24/7 for it to attract in a larger player base. Or to find a dedicated 24/7 host.
email [email protected] if you need a host
Will this be up again soon by any chance?
wont let me on -.-
it says its up but never lets me log in :o..
-_-' i dont now
this will be the best bleach game hands down
quintonw how do i log in it wont let me
you have to have the most updated byond
i do lol
This game is pretty fun, glad to see something new. Can't wait for it to be up longer.
is not going anywere tho if some peeps cant log in tho lol
Lol I think your the only one...
lol no if i was only one then it wud have a shit ton of more players lol
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