Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles 2

by TrunksChampion
Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles 2
Join Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles 2! And experience a game with lots of features, we got more than any other game on byond. Join us! KAGE TOURNEY THE 27TH FEBUARY!
Kage Tourney 27th Febuary
To participate you gotta have 50k ALL STATS and 2 mil chakra and hp, this day will GM's also be chosen.

I will be glad to se alot of participants!


Game Owner: DJ Pein(TrunksChampion)

Other Admin-ranks:

Co-Owner: Doreid(Dorag7585)

Player Rules:

1 - No Bunshins spam! (Boot or Ban)
2 - No disrespecting GM's or other players (Mute then Boot)
3 - No AFK Training or Meditating (Boot then ban)
4 - Do not relog to mute avoid (Boot then Ban)
5 - Do not ask for ranks (Mute then boot)
6 - Do not ask for GM (Boot then ban)

GM Rules:

1 - Do not disrespect the players
2 - Do not multi-clan (Admin remove)
3 - Do not disrescept the higher-ups (Depends on who you disrescept)
4 - Do not Teleport-kill (Admin remove)


Hoshikage (Star):Doreid
Hokage (Leaf):
Mizukage (Mist):[DS] Devilian
Tsuchikage (Rock):
Fumakage (Grass):
Amekage (Rain):
Kazekage (Sand):
Otokage (Sound):Hynos
Raikage (Cloud):
Sorukage (Snow):
Enukage (Waterfall):
Organization Leaders:

Akatsuki Leader:Kid Shellz
Akatsuki co-leader:

Sound Organization Leader:

Hebi Leader:

Seven Swordsmen Leader: Russ

Kage Rules:

1 - Do not abuse your verbs
2 - Do not disrespect your Villagers


Try this game! Naruto Shinobi Revolution

Watch our YouTube Video here!

I would like to thank:
Doreid(Dorag7585) - Many icons for the game [Current Position: Admin]
Mat(Matmath) - Most of the ideas, to nearly everything.