Marvel Universe

by TwoTon
In A World Of Chaos And Disorder What Will You Fight For Justice,Fame,Fortune,Friends,Or World Domination
This Game Revolves Around Making Your Own Hero And Having A Team And Fighting Evil...DUH!
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Starting to get hosted 11/4/09
I can't wait till its done it looks like its going to be epic.
11/5/09 Updated Bases And Added Blue Skin To Game And A New Move And New Gm Verb Letting U Use The Beta Mutants Moves And Edited The Map And Added A Special for people who add this game to their favorites and also made it so when u log in the screen slowly fades in and slowly fades out when u log out
And yes its going to be epic like all my other games
11/06/09 Added Women To The Game YAY and blue women icon and fixxed alot of bugs made a huge change to the games power icons and made it so they give a little info on the power when you click the power card and also added some clothing to game another big YAY and changed the icons by 1 pixel lol it made such a big change i guess 1 can make a difference..oh and i added green skin for people who like green things and now imma go fix armored shell power but u guys probably wont use it since theres a bunch of powers in game
11/07/09 yay fixxed all the bugs for now and added the ability to color ur hair and added a few more customizations options at start and made it so that skills are now able to be leveled well some and added some more clothing options for people
im real proud i almost hit 100 hits on 3rd day of hosting yay :D! and i know my game is fav with almost every person who logged in Beat that mal and ur crappy Gms cant touch this :P!
YAY we made around 160 plays today im very proud i would like to thank all who played my game Any Way I Would Like To Introduce My Staff Right Now Wolverine(Bataman7010)
Night Crawler(Fire Fox)
Ice Man(Dreadline)
Rogue(Savior Of Destiny)
Emma Frost(Mizz-Cutie)
Mystique(Broken Winged Devil)
Silver Surfer(TwoTon)
Alot More !
Juggernuat(NPC BOSS)
Bulls Eye(NPC BOSS)
All Bad Guys Will Must Likely Be NPC Bosses Hulk Is Good Guy But If You Mess WIth Him Boss battle Time
hey its another update time 11/08/09
some moves are now able to level YAY
More customization Options Fixxed All the bugs i found and added some Gms verbs to fix players and more and also updated hub and also i changed the map a lil and almost finished x-mansion and when u die now u will spawn in hospital area and ur be covered in bandages all over lol just a small update
11/9/09 ok here we go again with another update new GM icon spider man and spider man black suit also added swords to game play and offically finished stat buttons and stats and added a another verb and alot new powers that i think are really nice and people mouth will drop when they see also did some stuff with combat so u should see some new improvements and changes also I ADDED PANTS OMFG I KNOW FUCK'N FINALLY! so please enjoy when its hosted tomorrow if i decide to host it depends sorry it couldnt be hosted today got alot of things to do im busy busy man :D well ill cya!
11/10/09 heres another update this time around i fixed up,changed,taken,added powers slowly getting better added some more verbs changed icons i am now spider man for those who didnt know i use to be silver surfer i might even stay with silver depnds on 1 of my GMs added a shit load of things for people who add this game to favs really what i been doing today is redoing every single power in game which is alot tomorrow i already know what imma code so.....ya......and today we didnt host im sorry for every one who is addicted to game(go to rehab) batman will probably host tomorrow or silver surfer 1 of them well thats it for now bye.
im sorry i know i been gone for a while and havent updated but im very sorry so here ill make up by teling u what i added 11/14/09 adding a kick ass tutorial and new customization new clothes all that new alot of new powers redid alot made new turfs and objects coded in new stuff updated everything including skin so i pretty much improved every single thing in game
11/16/09 ok heres another update added NPCs who sell clothes and alot of clothing even did some customization Clothes only 2 so far but u can do alot with them did some stuff to testing room and added a test after that and alot more clothing about...around 100+ items YAY! and some powers and more GMS verbs YAY almost done with tutorial just a few more things and x-mansion done but empty for now so wish me luck next update coming soon to a byond near YOU!
i havent updated u in for a while but thats cuz i put in a new thing when u log in too tell u what u have but ill try and continue this update blog type thingy i do 11/26/09...i think u can read the time under this so no worrie if its wrong ok theres a shit load of clothes now shit load of weapons new hud alot more GM verbs and some events added 3 bosses shocker,Venom,Deathstroke but they got bugs started to add enemys but theirs huge bug in their death processes making them invisible so i had remove them also added a map and change a shit load of stuff and now have a christmas event and added it so mask peices of chaos will be spread randomly around them world which is GREaT ok cya til next update!