Bleach Souls of Darkness

by Uchiha Games
Bleach Souls of Darkness
In desperate need of a Pixel artist, please apply on forms.

We have a new hub here!

this games been down for ages any news on when its coming bak
Check the Forum's It will come back when they finish the game i will be making more comments on my estimated Calcalations before it finishes.

-Faq Support Team Eeder13/12
Will this game Need a host
No bobby i don't think it needs a host. They are just probably just fixing bugs.
well what Orignal Bleach gam is Looking for a host
forget it i found one
Hmm, We really need a pixel artist? x.x
thought we had 1?
Eeder12 wrote:
thought we had 1?

Nah x.x We had one at one point, but he didn't have constant access to a computer to work for us
When game online?
i think when Ichigo becomes vizard n can go inner hollow u should turn the inner hollow's getsuga tensho into red n white lik in the anime
Guys, the game is coming along fine, we just don't want to rush it, and bring it out, we want to be sure that it will be bug-free and as good as we can make it, we don't want to rush it, and have poor quality sprites and poor, bugged game-play, please stick with us, we are still working on the game, and i promise it will be worth the wait =).
Yea we will wait Uchiha Games. We will wait even if we have to DIE!
eeder you took it way to far >.>
no he didnt xD ill wait til im 90 if i have 2 xD BSOD is fun for when i can playit:) (btw its BUBBLES!xD)
i tried to come in and it said connection failed T.T

*Opens up testing server*

Yawn this game needs alot of work and pixel artist
but a cool game
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