Ninja World Online

by Viktorian
Ninja World Online
Enter the world of ninjas and create your own ninja path! Loosely based on the Naruto universe.
Jutsus, monsters to fight, missions to complete, wars between villages to wage. Anything ninjas related, really. Oh and katanas! Cause samurai are awesome.

Official Discord:

Dev team: Niro, Niti, Indigo, Tammer, Viktorian.
This game actually looks fucking fire, I'm playing it as soon as I get the free time and when its up
The game is being reworked with pixel movement at it's core, in 2-3 weeks there will be an alpha test. For now, if you're curious on how it looks currently, here's a link:


It is up almost every day, but keep in mind I am wiping the characters whenever I put out an update to test.

Almost all combat systems are in place.
Looks clean from the screenshots
Hello everyone,

I am gonna start working on a Naruto Evolution based game and revive it within the next week. If anyone is still interested in playing please add me.