Shinobi: Illusions of Grandeur

by Wynokx

Shinobi: Illusions of Grandeur

Have you ever sought to dive face-first into the Shinobi World? Well look no further. Shinobi: Illusions of Granduer is a highly customize-able sandbox, where YOU (that's right YOU) shape the world and determine the actions that goes on within! So the question remains -- what will you become? The next hero, the next villain that will threatened the world? Or maybe something in-between.

Now stop reading, and hop on to play.

After all, the Ninja World is waiting for the next Legendary Shinobi -- and that person just might be you!

Banned for having the name "Uzumaki, Menma"...

Since when does having a movie name even affect/augment the storyline? Never.
Ive served my life sentence to byond so fuck this
May I be unbanned now?
In response to Ziare1
Ziare1 wrote:
Ive served my life sentence to byond so fuck this

Almost looks like a suicide note, good to see you are still alive.

Since a life sentence is "for life".
Why is the Server down today?
Server still offline and also no answer or info here...
Is there seriously nobody there who knows anything?
That just means we updated and wiped.
For real, is Zakku dead or what? I got nothing to do, and i have been waiting to play all the week, and now that the weekend came, we are being Ddosed.. wtf, plis put the game back up!
I am here