by Yut Put
Become the greatest of all time in this Halo-inspired goat shooter.
G.O.A.T. is a fast paced inspired shooter in which you play as a cybernetically enhanced Goat and battle for domination over broken space circles so that you may become the greatest of all time.

The first team to achieve ten kills is victorious. Use a wide arsenal of weapons to destroy your enemies. In order to play, just find an online server or host a game and have at least 2 people join the game.

As a goat, you can climb nearly vertical surfaces and deliver powerful kicks. Use your mobility to your advantage to outsmart other players.

This game is an experiment in combining elements of fighting games with a shooter. Described often as "super smash halo", G.O.A.T. can be played like a fighting game, a shooting game, or both.

Made in 24 hours for GIAD 2015 based on the themes The Pricker Patch Kids and Broken Circles. Original soundtrack, artwork, sound, programming, and design all done by Yut Put.
rip i can't wavedash

Oh and if you mash the shoot button and jump, you can infinitely jump in midair