Bleach Unborn Souls

by Zantofire
Bleach Unborn Souls
A Bleach fan game in developement, and shall happily be shared upon public eyes.
-Main Information-

+ Bleach Unborn Souls is a game in developement.
+The team is made up of:
" Son Danny - Programmer
" Zantofire - Pixel Artist
" Dallas Morgan - Maintenence Officer
+ The Features are meant to take on:
" NPC slaying.
" Human jobs.
" Interactive design.
" The best staff we can get.
" A safe environment for children.
" A relatively adaptive game to the original series.
Bleach Unborn Souls is a BYOND game and is in no way certified by Tite Kubo nor Viz Media or Shounen Jump.
Copyright 2008-2009 Bleach Unborn Souls
-.- Why even rip my GFX?