Age of Gezo

by ZenoKuthric
Age of Gezo
A sandbox roleplaying game crafted by the players.
An expansive, lore-rich role-playing game in which everyone has an equal opportunity to influence both the people and the broad environment around them. Free yourself from following the same singular theme of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and so on. In this game you have a chance to experience a taste of something from any manga or anime-based origin, whether crafted by your own ingenuity or someone else's.

Slice of My Hero (or Avatar)
Spice things up by going beyond the typical method of punching and kicking into submission, and bust through your opponent with superhuman strength or self-made explosives in Chugoku Tenku, this world's version of China.

Slice of Bleach / Re:Zero
More of a specialist in weapons, or more specifically swords? Whether it's as a bushido-following samurai in Chugoku or a chivalrous knight in Arcadia, satisfy your desire to hack and slash through whatever opposition you may face on your journey, to fame or infamy.

Slice of Naruto
Not interested in breaking the mold and would rather follow the good old handseals and strategic deception? Play your standard shinobi in one of the five traditional lands Age of Gezo has to offer.

These are just among the paths that can be followed in the world. Partake in this melting pot of anime and manga alike.

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This game is ass, its a rip off of Illusions of Granduer.
Raizek is a Fat Beaner with a Tiny Wiener XD
this game is nothin like the ones posted above