Dragon Ball Legends!

by Zyrak420
MUD(Text Game) PVE+PVP
DBL is a text game; usually known as a MUD or MUSH.

A Telnet Client is recommended to Connect to the world. Dream Seeker works, but it was designed for graphical worlds. I recommend MUSHclient (Free) or zMud (Paid)

Main MUD/MUSH Address:
MUDs are Text Games that were originally played over dial-up internet, before cable internet was a thing. Other MUDs can be found at http://www.mudconnect.com

Multiple Characters can be created, but you may only log in one at a time.

BUILDERS NEEDED: The world is designed in real-time. Become a Builder and put the world together. Create Rooms, Mobs, and Objects. To become a Builder, contact staff in-game or through discord.

Join my DBL Discord Channel for easy communication with me and other players.

*I am not affiliated with Discord, MudConnect, MUSHclient, or zMud.
I am working on a few projects at the same time. I see this one is getting more attention than my Pokemon Evolved world. So I will be giving it more attention myself. Most of the work is done, just need to polish a few things for launch. Builders will still be needed.