Failure to write a file on the server was not always handled gracefully, sometimes leading to a crash.
BYOND Version:472
Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Web Browser:Firefox 3.6.8
Applies to:Dream Daemon
Status: Resolved (475)

This issue has been resolved.
Descriptive Problem Summary:Backtrace for BYOND 472.1077 on Linux:
Generated at Sun Aug 8 10:27:05 2010

DreamDaemon [0x8048000, 0x0], [0x8048000, 0x804a5b8] 0x59040, 0x59071 (fwrite) [0xb78c1000, 0x0], 0x28e20 0x59040, 0x59071 (fwrite) 0x2ad880, 0x2ad901 [0xb7b7a000, 0x0], 0x23baec [0xb7b7a000, 0x0], 0x23fe68 0x259640, 0x259750 0x2597a0, 0x25984d [0xb7b7a000, 0x0], 0x25ad50 [0xb7b7a000, 0x0], 0x245eda [0xb7b7a000, 0x0], 0x23df35 [0xb7b7a000, 0x0], 0x25822b 0x2585b0, 0x2586d5 [0xb7b7a000, 0x0], 0x2229e4 0x2d2c10, 0x2d2d6c 0x2a6b90, 0x2a6dc6
DreamDaemon [0x8048000, 0x0], [0x8048000, 0x804a0b4] 0x15db0, 0x15e8c (__libc_start_main)
DreamDaemon [0x8048000, 0x8049a90], [0x8048000, 0x8049bc1]

To help the BYOND developers debug this, please send the above trace as part
of a very detailed bug report:

Numbered Steps to Reproduce Problem: Upload a older copy of Byond Linux.

thats all I know of.