Naruto Reminiscence

by Atriosv3
Naruto Reminiscence
The best managed and developed GOA game. Well balanced game
BYOND Version:496
Operating System:Windows XP Pro x64
Web Browser:Chrome 22.0.1229.79
Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Open

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Bugged Clans : Rinnegan,Snake,Inuzuka,And Uchiha The first 3 you cant buy there jutsus, And Uchiha some dont get MS and Kamui makes the user temp blind and when it fails the icon doesnt go away

Other Bugs : On the outside of rock to the left where the wall should be if you go up you tele to leaf and sometimes to a void,

, Uchiha Shu

Will post more when i find O.O
Also dojo does not work in leaf. :)
Dark's moves being copied, Zetsu's cannibalism doesn't work, NPCS are using Unknown Skill (X) and i think that may be lagging the server a little

I appreciate this, I will try to get on this stuff. Also Dark is a kekkai genkai so it should be able to be copied.
Mhmm k..

I have a suggestion, you should make missions way more worthy like, 10x the exp value and 3x the gold, it is shit doing then right now, just a waste of time
Yeah I will fix that.
Kaguya's bone harden isn't working and Finger bullets is WAY 2 slow.. i mean you can only hit it if the target is stunned
i really got mad. Made a uchiha and it was shit cause i did not get MS, then i get a kaguya and it was NEARLY SHIT because bone harden doesnt work
and uchiha's MS should fucking be 1-100 not 1-125
Shisui is also bugged sometimes when u use mind cotrol when it ends ur stuck in your camera with u invisible and u cant walk
Windmill Shuriken can not be used currently: Insufficient Supplies (100/200)
Windmill Shuriken can not be used currently: Insufficient Supplies (100/200)

i think its bugged...
Ok, when i'm back , in 1 hour, one of you mods is gonna have to level another uchiha i create back to 103 and give my stuff back, cause i already trained 2 uchihas to 100 and they didnt get ms, YES I HAD TOMOE 3
Next time please use this: