The Age Of Pirates

by Anthonyfile2
Based on a world of Adventure where you choose your role in the Pirate Age
Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Open

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So i am Flam3mast3r i ve make already some suggests but that was a long time ago

Classes will be renamed to occupations
reason in my suggest classes will be used for another think

Proffesions : Proffesions will be added right now ive only 6 on my mind Doctor, Cooker, Musician, Blacksmith, Carpenter, ARcheologist
Doctor : will have 3 skills Heal yoursleft : will heal 25% of your max hp + x3 of your overall level
Cooldown:20 secs
Heal target : will heal the person who infront of you for 20% of hes max hp + x2 of your overal level
Cooldown: 25 secs
Heal all: will heal and the man who is infront of you for full amount of your hp

Ship system : 1st of all i believe must not exist randomly ships inside the map but crew captain or fleet captain will be able buy a ship at same time from old world to new world will exist sea way so ships will be able move along the old and new world that ships will able updated the updates will be bought by the man who sold the ship.
Ship updates will be:
Hull armor : inreasing the armor of your ship
Ship woods: inreasing steps of your ship
Sails speed: inreasing max speed of your speed
ships will work like rafts with steps but will have 5 million as starter amount and more for updates but ship wil ltake damage by others player skills
by windows player will be able use their skill for hit enemy ships or just other players

Cooker: will be the only one who will be able update foods and foods will restore 25% more endurance and hp

Musician : will have 3 skills

Song1: will inrease yours and your crew speed and stamina
Song2: will inrease yours and your crew strengh and endurance
Song3: will inrease yours and your haki and regenaration
everyone will be able have effects of 2 songs anytime

Blacksmith: like and cooker will be the only one who will be able update weapons and some kind of clothes (only the cloth that giving stats) weapons will updated with the same way as food use to be updated

Carpenter: will be able update the updates of ship by same way as cooker and blacksmith

Archeologist: will have 3 skills
Tunnel: you will go under the earth for 3 secs make other unable to see you or hit you and at same time you will be able move but your speed will being decresed
cooldown : 40 secs

Read poneglyps: in game will be some stones by using read poneglys into that stones will get a lot amount of exp + tresure map (every poneglyph can be readed only once per 12 hours maybe more)

searchin for tresure: when you go to the cords that tresure map saying you will be able use that
skill for found to berris until SF after that tresure map will be destroyed and you will take a small amount of exp

Crew/fleet: some crew/fleet changes when you create a crew or you join a crew/fleet you will have an option hit crew/fleet mates or do not hit crew/fleet mates based on that your haki or your skills will huit your mates or not

conditions : some skills or by element form you will ably some conditions :

Burning: dealing damage per sec based on max hp
Bleeding : dealing damage per sec based on damage you dealed
Poison : dealing damage per sec based on your overal level
Freeze: already exist will just make you unable move
stun: will make unable move or use any skill
Chillied: decrease your speed max 66%

conditions will stuck with each other and will be able stuck more times per condtion expect freeze and stun and chillied will have max amount of -66% max speed

Logias: most of logias will be able aply conditons at same time all logis will take mroe skills that will deal damage or having other effects based on overall level
all logias expect dark will be more offesive or defensive the most offensive logias will being able aply stronger conditions and deal more damage with their skills or exract element
when the most defensives will have stronger protection the most defensive logia will be smoke smoke that with hes protection you will reduce damage to energy by 80%

when the most offensive will be magu that will have the strongest skills and will be able aply more burning than flare that will be a more balanced DF but will reduce the damage only to energy 50%

Dark will be able negative SF powers deal a good amount of damage have black hole at smae time but will not have protection (so just more skills but will remain as it is)

CLasses : when you reach the max amount of a weaponry (150) you will be able select a class that will give more skills and some passives for make that weaponry stronger
some weaponrys will have 2 classes like swordmanship
everyone will be able select 1 class

Races: will be selectable and will have some buffs:
Giants: will have more bump damage than every other class + will push the other even if they have more strentgh than you on giant vs giant the giant with more strengh will push the other

Fishman just more racial skills

Cybrog: will be must be able udate their updates but + more racial (just drag the update upon the same update like food)

Humans will be able select traits:

BBT: able ate 2 SF

Inharated will: having 40% boost to haki + geting all 3 hakis

Class master: being able select 2 classes at same time you will take 25% more stats by training

Crew tournaments:

A tournament will being hosted as now but the fights will be on open sea and every crew will have and hes ships if ship system i suggest exist good idea only if the option for crew i suggest earlier is going to exist


crew tourns will have 3 different styles team Death match. king of the hill and king of the islands

Team death match: will be an amount of points based on how much memebers for every crew is going to be able participate on the tourn will be 3 ilsands the 2 of them will be the bases of each crew and the central will be the battlefield
points will be distributated like that
killing enemy crew memeber = 1 pts
killing crew captains = 2 pts
sunking enemy ship: =20 pts
and you will lose points for killing your crew catain = 1pts
and sunking your shi =10 pts
when someone dies will spawn at hes base if the ship sunk will spawn to your base dock spawn

King of the hill again will be like that but right now at the central island will exist an outpost that outpost will give 1 point for per sec you have it
1st team reaching 100 pts winning

king of the ilsands : will exist the 2 bases 3 islands a little front from that bases the central
every island will have an outpost at center and is going to give every 20-30 secs
central and bases outposts = 20 pts
small island outposts= 5 pts
sunking enemy team ship= 20 pts
killing enemy crew captain =2 pts
killing enemy crew member =1 pts

winner crew of tourn is going to get an crew banner that will be uted inside of ship and until ship sunk or an amount of time pass that team will have boost in all stats + bonus exp

at same time rare banners is going to exist that will disapear only after wipe or ship sunk will give even more boosts and even more stats

a little more about ship system:

as i say you will buy your ship from a shop near at sea and you will be able buy the 1st updates too, for even more updates you will need an carpenter, if your ship sunk updates will remain but your ship will be respawn at and dock mananger. Crew captain will be able change dock mananger, any ships arount 5x5 turfs of dock mamanger will not take any damage at all
crew leader will be able teleport any time at ship

for install the 1st updates at ship you will an carpenter so that will make them even more usefull