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Seriously guys... Where the crap do you(Some of you) get the idea of BYOND games being massive multiplayer online? For some reason it annoys me.. Seriously... The highest number of players online in a BYOND game I've seen is 200. And I wouldn't call that being massive.

I just don't find it appropriate that people call BYOND games a MMO... Since well, it's clearly a lie isn't? Anyone else out there who thinks the same as me?
Well, whenever I refer to an online RPG in BYOND, I say MORPG.

MMO imples at least hundreds of players on during peak hours
Thats your opinion. There is no set number for what is considered massive.
brb, going to play my mmo
200 Players is more than some BYOND games get played... Well... Ever.

I'd say in comparison, 200 players one at a time is really big. Maybe not massive, but big.

Maybe we should call them BMO games. Big Multiplayer Online games.
BYOND is capable of handling a massive multiplayer game across multi-server worlds. Of course, this has yet to be seen in a BYOND game.

The only problem is that people may have a different definition for the word 'massive'. While some may define it as being capable of supporting hundreds of players, some may claim it must support at least a thousand.

Overall, you should not let the improper use of that word bother you.
Yea well. Still, I don't see 200 enough for massive. Of course, it's my opinion. Although it's rare for BYOND games to reach 200 players in one server.
Massive isn't a set number, it's all about context. If there were 200 people in the building where I work, it would be considered a 'massive' amount of people.

If there were 200 people in a city, it would be considered deserted.

200 for a BYOND game is massive, compared to the 10-15 that most games normally get.
along with what mikau said, the point of MMOs being called what they are is to elicit the idea of "this game allows you to interact with a very large amount of people at one time". Starcraft 2, whilst having hundreds of thousands (up to 1 million) people playing at once, is not massively multiplayer. you'll interact with 7 other human beings at once at the most
Yes, as I said, 200 is very rare for BYOND games.
I can agree with 200 being massive here.
But the most annoying for me is when people call some 10 player base games for MMO.
Who cares?
I care.
200 is more massive than 1, I suppose.
Well I think everyone pretty much said what I was going to say.

Although my definition for an MMO is well over in the millions or hell, I would even consider a game with a thousand players a MMO,
As Mikau pointed out, I think it's a matter of context. As Calus pointed out, I think it's also a matter of definition.
You're going to nitpick about the use of the word "massive" but ignore the use of the word "original"?

MMORPG says more about the genre and style of gameplay than the number of players.
We're talking about MMO, not MMORPG
There is not a set value for the meaning of MMO. Meaning 10 players could be Massive , or 10 Million players.
Enic wrote:
We're talking about MMO, not MMORPG

My point still stands, MMO games typically have different gameplay mechanics than less massive games. "massive" is just as much a description of the gameplay as it is a description of the number of players.
If people called a game an "MO" I'd have no idea what they were talking about, because I've never heard an online game be defined as such.

So if I had to choose between the two I'd definitely take "MMO." Even with a slightly over-exaggerated use of the word "massively," it really doesn't bother me. It isn't offensive.

I believe most people call their games "Online Games" around here though.
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