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I don't have a lot of links to share this week.  Instead, I'm happy to announce that we have three new games coming in at once.  That hasn't happened in a while. =)

Calus CoRPS (aka has begun hosting a 24/7 server of his featured tactical fantasy, Fortay.  Having not touched the source for over a year, he might end up finding and fixing some new bugs.  I'm also hoping that the server will help convince him to implement the interface changes I (eventually) suggested. ;)

The Magic Man's Block Miners has been added to the guild.  It's an early version of a competitive mining game that started as a side project inspired by Millennium Interactive Ltd.'s Diggers.  Players choose a race and are given control of five units.  Updates for shops, items, traps, monsters and maps are planned along with any necessary bug fixes.  A few more details and pictures can be found on The Magic Man's blog.

Ganing and Ripper man 5 have released a version of their marching offensive, Halloween: Terror II.  Players spend treats to place various monsters which then march down a guarded path.  Ripper man5 is currently asking for player and enemy unit suggestions.  Considering the insertion of a new clicking defense mechanic, other suggestions appear to be welcome as well.

Unfortunately, the prequel's development was halted when its source was lost.  The inability to insert more detailed help files resulted in its removal from the guild...  That's not going to happen this time, right guys? ;)

Ganing's Eternal Blue is now listed in the guild.  Taking strong influence from CrazyMonkeyGames' Eternal Red, it's a hybrid of base defense and platforming.  Honestly, I just like making someone else land on spikes for a change. ;)

Ganing's RPG-inspired defense game, Seika: SE, could also be receiving an update soon.

Ham Doctor is designing collectible cards for a game on BYOND.  He plans to release 140 of them for the first series.  Decks will be as large as 70 cards.  Drawing inspiration from other CCGs, players will use characters, items and spells in an effort to drain their opponents of health.

Geldonyetich has decided to continue working on all of his projects and assign a single type of experience to each.  The goals for Project Cryoship, Planetbreakers, Project Cyberverse and Vehicle Wars are listed.  Rather than wondering how much his current project leans towards strategy, we can now count on the fact that projects leaning towards strategy are definitely worked on sometimes...  I think that's progress.

Yota was caught hosting Faces of War this week.  Development stalled in early 2007, but I seem to recall it being a competitive defense game where armies would march against each other during simultaneous turns.  I paged Yota in the hopes that he was resuming work on the project, but it appears he was just hosting it for a friend.

Tsfreaks is teasing MRTS news in his forum.  I'll bite.

...You know, some people use blogs for these things.

I've been redesigning my combative space race with simultaneous turns, StarScurrier.  Resource generation changed and I posted the umpteenth version of the cards ("contracts") that are available in varied sectors.  I also increased the number of phases in order to decrease the number of actions in each and make things less confusing.  Perhaps I can finally start working on the graphics and game logic like I've been meaning to.

Fooldom Come: One subscription. Many games.

Anyone have roughly thirteen grand laying around?

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I'm happy you keep making these. It gives me something interesting to read. :)
Nice article, just a slightly offtopic comment: Could you please make any BYOND key's mentioned to be linked to their member's page? It makes it easy for me to go and click on thier key and see what they themself have posted about whatever content you just mentioned in the Tech Tree... (just a side-note) =D
@Haywire: I actually did that for a while on what I believe was the IGN version. Unfortunately, phrasing sentences to keep a nice break between the links became a pain. (Plus, the blogs were not always active, but I suppose that depends on the developer.) If developers refer to their content, chances are that I'm going to link to those posts directly. You won't even have to search their blogs. =)
I wish that the other guilds had weeklies like this.
That's not what war was. War was more of a strategy game that put an emphasis on formation and generalized orders rather than micromanagement.
@D4RK3 54B3R: I suppose "defense game" was the wrong term. I thought players placed units and then watched them duke it out. Granted, I all I have to go by is one server visit from around the end of 2008.