Arkaina Legends

by Nova Productions
Previously Known as Rising Destiny's
Please DO NOT Steal The Name " Arkaina "

Takishiro Put a lot of thought into that name.

Questions, Concerns?

Email Us at
(NOTE: The Dash Between Death and CE Is part of the Email.)

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Important Announcements

Game is in Alpha Stages.
Alpha Testing number one Is Now Completed. We Will Now Set the Schedule for the next Alpha Test, Which Will Be Around September. The Game Might be Online Before that So Please Do Join. Beta Schedule Is Unknown Right Now.

The Rest of The Schedules are Unknown.

Rising Destiny's is a trademark of Death Computer Entertainment, created and developed by Nova Productions. 2011 Death Computer Entertainment Inc.

Death Computer Entertainment belongs to Nova Productions, which belongs to Takishiro, The Logo for Death CE and Nova Productions also belong to Takishiro. Some Rights Reserved.


Takishiro (Main Programmer; Secondary Mapper; Secondary GFX Artist)
KaitouDark (Hub Designer/Creator; Forum Designer/Creator; GFX Artist; List of Rules)
Taoren22 (Pixel Artist)

-Game Rules-

Absolutely NO bug abuse. If caught you will be punished based on the abuse. Punishment is at the GM's discretion as long as it's logical.
No Spamming- Warning, Mute, Boot.
No disrespecting GMs - Warning, Mute, Boot.
No Racism - Warning, Mute, Boot.
No Asking For Source - Warning, Mute, Boot.
No excessive swearing (A little is fine)

If you think a player is abusing a bug or cheating then take a screenshot of the alleged abuse and post it here

-GM Rules-

Be respectful to EVERYBODY.
Don't EVER abuse!
Don't Teleport to someone or summon them then kill them. EVER. Your reasoning doesn't matter.
No Killing in GM Room.
No Asking for a Promotion, it will be decided when you get promoted.
No Banning or Booting for no reason.
All Player Rules Apply To You.

You guys are players but with special verbs, help players in need or you WILL lose your job.

If caught abusing you WILL be stripped of all of your power and your character will be wiped. This is your one and only warning.

If you think a GM is abusing then take a screenshot of the alleged abuse and post it here

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Nova Productions
People Keep on Stealing the Names of the Games I have Created So Far :/
They're not allowed to do that :P
Shattered SoulZ Got Stolen a while ago.

XD I quit that Bleach Source Though So i don't Really Care to much.

As of right now, the game is on Hiatus I might start working on the game again once the fave's are up, or if I get bored.