Okay so recently I've been getting random music playing on my Computer. I've GO NO IDEA what or where it's coming from but it usually only plays for a while.Then i also get like the ads stuff but like i x out all my browsers and it still plays. Any Idea how to fix this ? Lols j/w (Prob too much P***) LOOLS that's what my friends say but lols still.
Are you using Windows Vista, or 7? You can check where sounds are coming from in the Volume Control. It lists each sound device, and application.
I'm Using Vista. Yeah when i check the Volume thingy nothing like ticks up like the noise except for Speakers not windows sound, google chrome, or Anything.
sounds like a malware. download and run mbam
Maybe BYOND is the cause of that..?
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Vegetas4 wrote:
Maybe BYOND is the cause of that..?

I've had something similiar happen.
Usually it was a webpage i had open that was playing ads of some type.

When it wasn't that :it was mal-ware.
This could be a Trojan called sirefef. Run a scan and find out. Good luck getting rid of it. It's possible, but good luck.