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Someday my external links will not steal so heavily from GameSetWatch.  I can dream.

  • Tim Carter explained why project-based game budgeting could work.
  • Tom Cross' Diamond in the Rough has been examining story in strategy games such as StarCraft II, Dawn of War 2 and King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame.
  • I'm weeks behind on my podcasts, but digital sports commentator HD was a guest in PC Gamer's 233rd episode.

VcentG's World Class Chess has been added to the guild.  Multiplayer support is provided both over a network and on the same computer.  The game has a decent interface as well.  However, I suggest replacing the text spam with a turn indicator, adding a link to some public help files (Wikipedia is fine) and allowing tiles to be clicked when selecting pieces so the tops don't get in the way.

VcentG is also thinking of creating an outside website with a focus on board/mini games.

Ripper man5 and Ganing have updated their marching offensive, Halloween: Terror II.  There are new units, new enemies and four more waves.  I'd like to see some unit details.  Perhaps the unit selection input could be replaced with a grid of unit icons and their descriptions.

Acebloke announced that he now has a public todo list.  The items are a bit vague at this point, but the idea is that players will have a method of tracking his game development and be tempted to offer feedback.  Various entries are already listed for Wargames and Wargames2.

Tsfreaks has announced a new project called HEXWAR.  It appears to be some form of RTS that will feature both skirmish and persistent modes.  Map generation and unit movement are the current development tasks.  Tsfreaks is excited to play the result himself. =)

Exophus has resumed work on his isometric tactics engine.  Inspired by LucasArts' Gladius, he plans to create a game with a gladatorial theme.  Details are scarce, but suggestions are welcome.

Bandock is planning to resume work on his strategy games after he finishes his current project.  Previously announced projects include Text Nuclear War and updates for Text City Simulator.  However, numerous sources of delay have convinced him not to state what he'll be developing.

Mecha Destroyer JD's Ultra Strife has been removed from the guild since there is neither a download nor, as far as I know, any current plans for a server.  It can be added back when he needs the audience to test again, but I think the last time he hosted was around a month ago.  Speak up if he's been more active.

I posted a mock-up for my combative racing board game, StarScurrier.  Ships have yet to be created, but the interface and contract symbols are displayed.  Banners have also been posted on the hub page.

Meanwhile, I've been resisting the urge to watch the Korean historical drama that is in my Hulu queue.  You may applaud.  Or watch Chuno yourself and be nice enough not to spoil it for me.

Fooldom Come: One subscription. Many games.

The Dice Tower posted an overview of Gen Con 2010 and I think Day[9]'s tale of his StarCraft II release party could serve those wishing to hold their own events. Both look like a lot of work and travel are required. I'm going to just bribe you with a pony.

Sign the petition from the Electronic Consumers Association that will be submitted along with their amicus brief in the case of Schwarzenegger v. EMA. Protect your gamer rights!

Unrelated, Fugsnarf is too busy to get this now triple edition of BYOND Weekly, would you mind helping me get 3 weeks of content >.>
I sent you a page with at least one item that you probably didn't know about. The Big 5 section should be easy enough with the amount of content the guilds have been posting, but I'm not so sure about the developer highlights.
This was a good "along the tech tree"!
I never even saw these suggestions for chess... or I would've gotten on them a long time ago. I think I'll get on them. If you have anymore ideas (for chess or maybe even ideas for some small entertaining strategy games to further the category) let me know. I made chess because I was bored, wanted to play and didn't have a chess board. Other games can come too.

On that site detail, I don't know. My web programming only extends to average html. Is it still worth it? What would be different than it being another page like this one? Anyway, if you think it is then maybe I can get it together. It would be nice to have everything linked together, instead of browsing games via hub, browsing them all at the same time, seeing screenshots and all that without leaving the page with the list. *shrug*