DragonBall Z Legends Reborn

by Naruhino
DragonBall Z Legends Reborn
Great dbz game

DragonBall Z Legends Reborn

..::General Rules::..

- Spamming is NOT acceptable. Mute/Mute/Boot/Ban

- Respect the players and administrators. Mute/Mute/Boot/Ban

- Do not spam kill (killing same player 3+ times on a short period of time/or withing a given time frame) Boot/Boot/Boot/Ban

- Don't advertize/spam this, or other games. Mute/Mute/Boot/Ban

- Do not use programs to assist in training. Boot/Ban

- Do not train if you are not paying attention to the game. Boot

- Keep caps(shift/uppercase letters) to a minimum. Mute

- Do not equip items that hide your entide body, such as a turf icon. Boot

- Do not link MA/porn and such websites in the game. Mute/Ban

- Adjusting font sizes is forbidden. Boot

- Do not use/abuse any glitches or bugs. Ban

- Do not interrupt arena challenges. Boot/Boot/Ban

Other rules are in place, but not in need to mention. Use common sense: don't ask for GM, edit etc.

::..GM Rules..::

- Do not abuse your powers. Admin Lock/Demotion

- Respect your superiors (Any GM that's higher lvl than you). Warning/Admin Lock/Admin Lock/Demotion

- You can revive yourself maximum 5 times per day. Warning/Admin Lock

- Don't make exceptions with some players, threat them all the same way. Warning/Admin Lock

- If a players starts insulting you or disrespecting you, don't insult him, or directly ban him, punish them as they deserve to be punished. Warning/Admin Lock

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Great game
Awesome this Game
I will host a server for this if you guys let me
Is this game dead?
In response to Gary Pin
I am one of the two original owners of Legends Reborn,The main hoster has left byond for good, and i am left with the original Legends Reborn, i am looking for hosters.it has been updated