Pokemon Awesome Version

by Choryong
I managed to get on,Minorex,Im Ok
It's funny how everyone wants the game back up. Cho puts the game back up and all you guys are like, nah... I don't wanna play. Cho has 3 players or so on a server everyday and about 10-15 People wanted this game back up... What's up with that?
i just started Cho's game yesterday and its prob best one there is, so im hopeing its down for an update cause me and him were talkin bout one when i was last on, hope its up soon even tho Cho dosnt have much time for this game, wish him well and thx for everyones hard work on it
I <3 PAV
yo this is gunna be first time playin hopefully its fun
You're awesome Choryong! gj! :D
Whadda queer this Choryong fellow is.
This game is well made. Choryong you have done alot of work for this game and I believe all that work was worth it. Keep it up Choryong. Keep expanding this wonderful game! Thank you for reading!
I think Screenshots should be added
I think the fat guy should lose some weight so we can slip past him :o
why the fuck do i go to my favs and see pokemon awesome version not online can you tell me that chory?huh can you? are you rage quiting on us???
Calm down. Choryong's not obligated to host this game or do any work on it. I know how you feel; he had the game down for a month from July to August. He'll have it back up. He always does.
it's been a while since someone posted on this hub D:. Well even though chor hasn't gotten the game up yet, he will! :D. And when he does... WE WILL PLAY :DDDD
Nice game
this game is so epic love every thing and the music for everything is awesome!! so what the name of all ur music i wanna play it over and over music so awesome!!!!
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