Pokemon Awesome Version

by Choryong
That's too much. xD
The game won't let me log on... HORROR!!! D:
yo um the server is down for me #uncool
Sometimes the power or internet goes out, or some other technical problem occurs. Like a Local ip change that requires me to change a port. Rest assured ,I take this seriously and the server will stay up for as long as i have power and internet. Forever.... lol
And if for some reason the host were to fail, the save files would be transferred to the new host.
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Smithlite86 is a great man.
This game.
JOIN Pokemon: Shadows of Darkness
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Begone with you.
This game is super fun, I hope it gets more updates! I'd like to see attack animations, battles are still fun without them, but it'd be great to see all the lasers and smashes and stuff.
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with BYOND 5.0 on the run, there's not as much an excuse to not have battle animations :D

EDIT: What's with the server going down? Third time in about a month.
i agree
I hope it goes back up soon, I spent a good 4ish hours already on this game and I can't wait to get back to playing, haha.
Is there a Move Reminder guy in this game? I want to teach my Pokemon the moves they weren't able to have since I could only catch them at levels higher then the levels they could learn those moves. e.g. I want my Meowth to relearn Fake Out.
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Vermilion City, in the house next to the gym. And in this game, it's a Girl.
Oh, ok. Thanks!
So, the game is down again? I hope this time it's for a update...
:) HMM I think having EVs and IVs and other future gen additions kind of ruins the retroness, at least that's my opinion. T.T I miss when I didn't have to worry about that kind of stuff and I could just train a Pokemon without caring. I also miss the old Pokemon battle graphics >:) Maybe you could make a complete retro version instead of a 'modern' retro version
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IVs and EVs existed since Gen 1, it's just that they work differently in Gen 3 onward. This game doesn't even have them D: At least it's not completely bias because you don't have to 'Breed this, Breed that' or constantly login/logout to get good IVed mons.
WHAT?! O.O THIS game doesn't have EVs or IVs?! But someone told me it DID grrrrr
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Hoosha wrote:
WHAT?! O.O THIS game doesn't have EVs or IVs?! But someone told me it DID grrrrr

Sorry, I mistyped. It has EVs, but there aren't IVs, so the limit for the number of EVs a mon can have in each stat has been increased.
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