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hmmmm. is invo ur name
MnM0720 wrote:
hmmmm. is invo ur name

Yes.. Not my real name of course.
im not going on byond anymore so get msn
soooo....i heard you like mudkips

-Byonds gangsta
Rod5 wrote:
soooo....i heard you like mudkips

-Byonds gangsta

Dude im a super fan of you naruto last uchiha game and would like to apply for gm. Also ide like to know why the server is currently down.
Dadmanz wrote:
Ladies and Gentlemen of BYOND,

Please lend me your attention for a brief moment.
BYOND Staff, Tom specifically, has released a statement saying that 'fan-games' as defined by them as "games who owe their popularity due to an outside, established intellectual property or franchise"

This means that every game that is based off of Dragonball(Z)(GT), Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or any other well known Anime/Manga will be, again a quote from Tom himself, "pulled from the index before you can say "goku""

I personally find this as a stab in the back, since it was the communities interest in those 'fan-games' that gave Byond it's popularity and fan-base that it has today. This transition could literally reduce Byonds community by as much as 50%!!!

If you think this transition should be revoked and Byond to revise what they think is better for the players, then spread this post around to as a protest.

"This transition WILL literally reduce BYOND's Community by at least 70%!" *
Wtf does that mean you can no longer host
long time no talk get an msn or add me on facebook
What it means is very very very bad for people who like playing fangames/anime games
Do you know when is open the GOA reborn?
I'm sorry I couldn't stay awake, get on as soon as you can, I want to know when you're leaving and coming back :(
Hey Invotis, Long time no see, I've been busy and i've learnt to code and opened my ORIGINAL Death note game, I don't know if it will last but meh. Come check it out, you know i'm always happy to see you pop by :L. Cya soon, hope things sort out with kyrai
You've been gone a long time :<

Tadahshi needs Invo.

C o m e
b a c k
s o o n

Can this game join your favorite list? :)
Merry Christmas

Leaving BYOND.I see no point in it anymore, so I'm off to go play on my PSP and Various MMORPGs.
Email: [email protected]

I told you I would hand my sources down to you if I ever did leave. So get in contact with me through MSN.
I heard about Cooldude3000 banning you from a Call of Shinobi, Anbu Blackops server because "he didn't like you." Sorry that happened, I'm going to talk to him about it and I'll get him to unban you. That specific moderating is the reason I even started this game in the 1st place and I'm not happy with him. If you have any future problems with unfair treatment from my staff/hosts please contact me and I will resolve the problem.
I miss all my friends..
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