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Check out the gallery of featured games that was recently created on BYOND's Facebook page.  Each picture comes with a link and description.  I selected text and a random screenshot from what each game provided on its hub page.  The developers can suggest alternatives.

Meanwhile, the (allegedly) daily links sometimes mention featured game activity.  Guild posts aren't always available so developers should feel free to fill it up!

My hope is that this advertising, along with what was already provided on the BYOND site, will help encourage developers to meet the feature standards of the banner guilds and make guild staff members aware.  As always, BYOND Strategy's standards can be found on the left of the blog.

Merely being listed in a guild shouldn't be an end goal for most projects!

*GASP*  I forgot to mention BYOND Casual's Imagination Competition last week!  Fortunately, developers still have until September 19th to submit their entries.  Tiberath is giving you the opportunity to put your imagination to the test by creating "a game that's entertaining for parties, good when you're bored or just something to keep you sane when you're short on time. Card game, board game, mystical fairy game with matching unicorns and fairies, whatever."

Prizes currently range from $25 to $100.  Go for it and don't be put off by the competitors!

As long as we're on the subject of contests, Lummox JR has announced The BYOND Cartridge Classic II.  Prizes currently ranging from $20 to $50 will be awarded to those who can create the best games with less than 8,192 bytes of source code by December 1st.  Submissions to BYOND Casual's Imagination Competition are eligible so developers have the option of releasing an entry before crushing their source down.

At least one listed strategy game came out of the first competition.  Hopefully more will be created (and maintained) from this one. =)

Vexonator has released an update for the tactical fantasy Surreal Dreams.  Internet access problems appear to have delayed his progress, but the majority of the bugs from the last version have been attended to.  Meanwhile, one more unit has been added to the vast list of characters that I just got lost counting. =)

Geldonyetich has been working on the map generation of Planetbreakers.  His next goal is to get each of the three factions almost playable.  The Perimeter/Majesty-styled Terrans and Dwarf Fortress/Dungeon Keeper-styled Natives keep me hopeful for the RTS aspects.

Bandock has started a strategic warfare prototype.  No longer just talking about it, he's released...  Well, it appears to be a menu.  He gave us text games.  Now he's displaying the text on a map.  Somehow I feel underwhelmed without details on the actual game. ;)

Bunnie is working on some form of card game.  Trading card games are referenced in the thread, but no details are given on the project itself.  None other than a request for shuffling algorithms anyway.  I tend to just use the pick() proc.

As much as Tsfreaks may have wanted to play the result, he still managed to put his HEXWAR RTS on the back burner.  A project for the Pop Lava team and a game for BYOND Casual's competition are taking precedence.  Fortunately, he plans to work on HEXWAR soon afterward so the hiatus should only last about a month.

The Sessions Guild is no more.  As such, it has been removed from BYOND Strategy's Associates section.  It's creator, former Strategy King and current Strategy Bishop, IainPeregrine, is redesigning the blog for another purpose.

I'm going to put last week's mock-up here and pretend that I worked on my racing combat board game, StarScurrier.  I want to get the ship graphics and phase logic done, but it has yet to happen.

Instead, I appear to be distracted by an attempt at some sort of rhythm game with a science fiction theme and randomly generated jazz duets.  Damn you, Tiberath.

Fooldom Come: One subscription. Many games.

I have a bunch of random game videos bookmarked, but I don't think many are in the strategy genre. Let's watch last week's Bytejacker episode. It's going to be the last one for a while.

Sign the petition from the Electronic Consumers Association that will be submitted along with their amicus brief in the case of Schwarzenegger v. EMA. Protect your gamer rights!

That's because no game exists yet. :P

I'm mainly working on developing some menu capabilities. Watch for a nifty feature soon in possibly the next test-release of the prototype. Don't worry though, it will have graphics. Once I get some of the basic interface working, I will actually begin working on the game prototype.

And just for an added bonus, there will be a library that enables some of the same capabilities included with the prototype. :D

Edit: About the lack of detail, I haven't planned much of what it will be about yet while implementing features. When I get it more developed, I might be able to give details about the game itself.