I've been bookmarking game videos just for ideas. They've been stored in my Tech Tree folder to annoy me. I now have a stack of them to navigate around. It worked.

Recent mining games made me bookmark this.

Meanwhile, this interview has made me further consider that I have little interest in creating a pure shooter with unidirectional scrolling. I'm just not part of the scene. I have been collecting various ideas from other shooters though.

Perhaps they'll be added to some form of randomly generated platformer. (They're the only kind of platformer I can stand because the changing obstacles don't make me feel like I'm stuck.) I don't think the following games use it, but I've been curious about how jumping styled after Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts would mesh with BYOND's default tile system.

...And this is just cute.

That last video is why I love indie games. Who else --these days-- would come up with a video in which your objective is to poke every cat in the house?
Thank-you so much, I'm glad I stumbled upon this, I really needed some ideas. ^_^, of course I won't just copy an idea, I would modify and expand upon it.

It's so hard to find websites that have game design documents/ideas listed out. I attempted searching for some since I knew a good one at one point, but I lost it.